Cambridge NCI Cricket Club

Women’s cricket

Until 2017, NCI was able to field dedicated women's cricket teams. We do not have the number of players to do that just now, but we would like to be able to field women's teams again in the future if it becomes possible.

We invite women and girls to play in our standard teams, but these are mostly male.

Until such time, if you are interested in women's only cricket:

If you are affiliated to the University, there are a number of co-ed and recreational teams, who play over the summer months and are happy to accommodate beginners.

If you're not affiliated to the University, most of the available teams are for juniors (or they are entered into a women's league but are mostly made up of juniors). In Cambridge, you could try the City of Cambridge Cricket Club which has a women's team (as well as junior teams).

Take a look at Cambs Cricket's Women & Girls section here, and get in touch with Hannah Warren who may be able to help: