Cambridge NCI Cricket Club

Message for people interested in cricket

Message for people interested in cricket

Thanks for your interest in NCI Cricket Club - we are a grassroots cricket club providing cricket to people in and around Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, in the UK.  You can find out about us, dates and times of nets, prices by browsing this website.  For fixtures and results, we use the ECB’s Play Cricket website, which you can find links to here as well.

Since 2022, we’ve been lucky enough for the most part, to have enough players for the amount of cricket we feel we are able to provide.

We still receive a number of enquiries from people who want to come and play cricket, which is great, and we have tried to get as many as we can to Autumn nets.

People do leave the club as their lives change, so we still would like people to come to nets and meet us.  However, for now, we’re not certain how many new members we can take for the 2024 season.

Cricket clubs normally start practising around February.  This is a link to other clubs in the Cambridge area.  In particular we work closely with Chippenham CC and Fen Ditton during the Autumn nets.

Click here to see a list of Cambridgeshire Cricket clubs

If your search does not yield cricket, please check back in later on and see if the situation has changed at NCI, as the world of recreational cricket does change quickly.